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Jackson Data Hub Website Launch
Posted on 11/18/2020

Mayor Conger Presents Data Hub to Measure and Track City Performance

JACKSON, Tenn. – Mayor Scott Conger’s Hub City Plan continues to shape the city’s administration with transparency and efficiency being the cornerstones.

The Director of Performance Management, Lauren Kirk, announced that the much-anticipated Data Hub is now live on the website. The Data Hub contains monthly reports across a range of categories including public safety, efficiency, inclusion, innovation and transparency.

The public safety section contains metrics from dispatch, police and fire departments. Data includes 911 call volume, violent crimes reported, property crimes reported, average fire response time, etc.

The efficiency section contains metrics below from the building, street, engineering, maintenance and health & sanitation departments. Data includes pothole repairs completed, miles of streets paved, bulky wasted pickups, etc.

The inclusion section contains metrics from the risk management department and recreation and parks department. Data includes city league sports enrollment, program participation, etc.
The innovation section contains metrics from the animal care center, building department and groundskeeping. Data includes dog intakes, cat intakes, permits issued, paper recycled, etc.

The transparency section contains metrics from the communications department including social and website data.

"The Mayor has set ambitious goals for the city and as we meet those benchmarks, we would like to share those results with the public to hold ourselves accountable,” said Alex Reed, City Manager. “We want to make sure that we continue delivering the highest quality of municipal services to our residents and visitors, and being efficient with our resources.”

Each quarter Mayor Conger meets with city leadership to review performance, recognize goals that have been achieved and identify any roadblocks to success. The data hub will give the public the tools to be a part of this process, too.

The data hub can be accessed on jacksontn.gov by visiting the mayor’s office section under projects and initiatives. For more information contact the Director of Performance Management, Lauren Kirk at [email protected] or 731.425.2489.

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