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Select a councilperson's photo to read their bio and download their district map.


Councilman JP Stoval
J.P. Stovall
District 1



Councilman Johnny Lee Dodd
Johnny Lee Dodd
District 2



Councilwoman Candace Busby
Candice Busby
District 3



Councilman Richard Donnell
Richard Donnell
District 4



Councilman Frank McMeen
Frank McMeen
District 5



Councilman Larry Lowrance
Larry Lowrance
District 6



Councilwoman Marada Wallace
Marda Wallace
District 7



Councilman Russ McKelvey
Russ McKelvey
District 8



Councilwoman Julie Faulder Holt
Julie Faulder Holt
District 9


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