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City of Jackson Leases Train Depot to theCO for SOUL Collective Program
Posted on 11/10/2021

Jackson, Tenn. – The City of Jackson has announced a partnership with theCO to lease the Train Depot (formerly the N.C. & St. Louis Depot and Railroad Museum) for the SOUL Collaborative program.

The Museum was closed in Spring 2020 as a result of budget constraints and operational changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Memorabilia from the Train Depot Museum has been transferred to the Casey Jones Museum for continued access and enjoyment by the public. The lease was approved by City Council on November 2, 2021, and by theCO’s board on November 9, 2021.

“As we searched for a future use for this historic space, this partnership with theCO and the SOUL Collective presented a significant opportunity to provide a meaningful and empowering space for our community,” said Lauren Kirk, Director of Performance Management for the City. “We believe this project represents powerful reclamation of vacant space, as well as the potential to transform the surrounding neighborhood and our city as whole.”

"theCO is grateful to the City of Jackson for the opportunity to utilize the vacant Train Depot to provide space to foster creativity, build culture, and encourage unity through SOUL Collective,” said Lisa Garner, Executive Director of theCO. “We’re thrilled to partner with Trunetta Atwater to help bring the vision she has for this program to empower Black and minority entrepreneurs to develop and scale their brands. We move forward with the hope that this investment in our entrepreneur community will have great impact for years to come.”

About the SOUL Collective

 SOUL Collective is an entrepreneurial incubator focused on elevating arts, culture, knowledge and wellness of Black and minority businesses through unity, commerce, education and social entertainment. The SOUL Collective started in June 2021 with monthly SOUL events, created and led by entrepreneur Trunetta Atwater and hosted at theCO. The SOUL Collective will be utilizing the Train Depot for commerce, education, and social entertainment opportunities.

“I believe in nurturing the creative force of Black American communities now and for the future by highlighting those who paved the way before us while introducing the talents of those among us,” said Trunetta Atwater, founder and director of the SOUL Collective. “I am ecstatic about partnering with theCO on the SOUL Collective. The opportunity to house the SOUL Collective incubator in the historic N.C. and St. Louis Train depot is a pivotal moment in the history of Jackson, TN. Looking forward, we believe this project will drive a culture of success, opportunity, unity, and leadership among Black entrepreneurs and the City of Jackson.”

Be the first to know about events, education opportunities, and applications to join our cohorts by clicking this link: Soul Collective.

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