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City of Jackson seeks resident participation in recycling survey
Posted on 04/21/2022

JACKSON, Tenn. – The City of Jackson, TN Health and Sanitation Department is conducting a recycling survey for residents within the city limits.

“Gaining the information of what our residents are currently using, their knowledge level, and future needs will help us to create a transitional program to meet those needs,” said City of Jackson, TN Recycling Coordinator Robin Chance. “I am hoping to use the data from this survey to meet the current needs of our citizens and I look forward to helping Jackson develop a more sustainable approach for the future.”

The survey has been created to obtain public opinion and data from the citizens of Jackson, TN to create a community-focused recycling program. The program will serve the residents of the city by implementing recycling-conscious procedures and programs that can be adapted over time to provide the best support to the community in efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

The survey can be filled out by selecting the Recycling tab on our Health and Sanitation page.

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