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JRPD Employees named to Chair positions at TRPA
Posted on 11/28/2022

JACKSON, Tenn. – Jackson Recreation and Parks Department’s Whitney Billingsley and Christi David were named Ethnic Minority Intersection Chair and West District Chair-elect, respectively, for the Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association.

“I'm looking forward to working with other recreation and park professionals across our district and region,” said David. “I hope to continue building on our success in Jackson and beyond.”

David was recently promoted to become the new JRPD Park Operations Manager where she will be focusing on working on capital projects within the department, staff development, improving interdepartmental efficiency and seeking agency accreditation through the National Recreation and Parks Association.

“I believe Recreation & Parks chose me,” said Billingsley. “Therefore I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve my city as well as my state to learn, grow, and play as a professional.”

Billingsley has been named to take on David’s previous role as JRPD Community Development Director.

“Congratulations to both Christ and Whitney in their appointments to the Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association,” said Mayor Scott Conger. “I am confident in their abilities to do great work in their new roles within our city’s Recreation and Parks Department but also on a state-wide level.”

TRPA is a non-profit professional society of over 2,100 individual and agency members (professionals and citizens) organized in 1952 as The Leader in supporting highly effective professionals to achieve healthy, livable communities. TRPA exists to strengthen and unite those committed to the benefits of parks and recreation.

Whitney and Christi were elected by their peers to serve their respective terms representing the City of Jackson, TN.

Christi David Whitney Billingsley

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