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City of Jackson Prepares for Inclement Weather
Posted on 01/11/2024

JACKSON, Tenn. – As winter weather is anticipated to begin on Sunday, January 14, the City of Jackson is proactively taking steps to ensure the safety and accessibility of its roadways. The Street Department is set to work tirelessly throughout the weekend, focusing on major streets and public safety buildings.

"Our dedicated crews are prepared to tackle the challenges presented by winter weather,” said Public Works Director, Austin Clark. “We are working collaboratively with our public safety partners to ensure that our major streets and vital corridors are well-maintained and safe for travel.”

Key arterial roads, including Highland, Vann Drive, North Parkway, and Dr. F. E. Wright Drive, are among the priority areas where crews will be working diligently to prepare for winter weather conditions. Additionally, efforts will be concentrated on collaborating with public safety partners, including West Tennessee Healthcare hospitals, Fire Departments, and the Police Department.

The Street Department urges residents to exercise caution when encountering our trucks on the roads. The de-icing mixture is distributed from the back of the trucks, and for safety reasons, individuals are advised to maintain a distance of at least 25 feet when crews are actively engaged in their operations.

Residents are encouraged to stay informed about weather updates and city announcements through official channels. The City of Jackson remains committed to the efficient management of winter weather challenges and the continuous provision of essential services to the community.

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