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Neighborhood Academy


 Neighborhood Academy is a six-month program for the City of Jackson residents. Each monthly meeting will focus on different areas of local government and how residents can participate in city processes, the session list is below. It will serve as a way to build trust and empower residents to influence city decisions, programs, and policies. By the end, new neighborhood champions across the city will know how to effect change.

By the end of the Academy, each participant will present a policy change they would like to see.


Neighborhood Academy will begin in October. We will have a one-hour opening session and a two-hour regular session that month. After the first month, it will be one two-hour session per month until April, when we will have the last regular session and hold the closing session and graduation at the end of April.

The meetings will be on a weekday from 11:00-1:00. We recognize this will be difficult for individuals that do not have flexible work schedules and hope after the first year, we can work to make it more accessible.

If you have questions please contact email Claire Pierson.

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